Best Toys for kids under Five Years

As so many brands of toys have made it in the local and international market, there has also been the influx in the number of toys for kids. These outlets are mostly found in malls, and shopping centers and usually carry different local and imported brands of toys. Most people prefer visiting as many toys for kids as possible to be able to find the best deals that they can get.Toys excite every child. They are the best to be gifted to any kid. Now and then a new toy crops up in the market.

Best Games For Kids Under Five

XBOX Kinectjhvjhvjhvjhvvjvjhvjhvjvjvjv

Fit it to your XBOX and savor a whole new experience of gaming. With the help of a 3-D camera, the player himself is transported into the game. It is a completely voice activated device. When you are done with the days gaming, you just have to say ‘stop’ to turn off the device. It certainly deserves to be at the first spot in the hottest toys 2010 list.

Fisher-Price iXL

Learning can be real fun for under the age of 4 years children with the help of Fisher-Price iXL. It is a digital device. Children can learn spellings, numbers, improve their comprehension and writing skills through activities that are complete fun. It is a smart device that has blended fun and learning.


A band with six members that gives out a song each time a member is squeezed. Each member has a separate song for itself. They can be heard individually and even as a band. Few of the songs included are Oh Suzanna and When the Saints Go Marching In.

vTech MobiGo

It is a one-of-a-kind video game for kids. It has been designed especially for kids for the age group of 3-5. Some of its exciting features are a flip out keyboard, a touch sensitive screen and fun learning games.

LEGO Board Games

Lego is a very popular kids toys manufacjkljkjkjkkkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkkturing company. This year too it has introduced several toys for the kid population. However, their board games are topping the list this year. Most of these board games are developed around super hit movies like Star Wars, Toy Story and Harry Potter.

The toys for kids should be able to carry good brands. Most stores usually sell top brands, but not all new brands can be found in all stores. A good toy shop, therefore, is where you can find a good mix of old and new brands. However, it should itself be a proponent in carrying only good quality toys that are safe for kids of all ages. They should maintain internal quality control measures that sort and weed out unsafe and poorly-made brands and products. These stores should make sure that every item on the shelf is worth buying.