Four Ways To Sell Your Paintings In 2016

Painting is a hobby that can be used to earn money. If you paint well and know a few special techniques, you could start your own business today. But before you jump right in, this are ways you can sell your paintings in 2016.

Enhancing your painting slaes


Pricing your work correctly is another important point you should consider before selling your creations. For pricing your art products right, calculate the amount of money and time spent on it. This may include the cost of the work materials, transportation expenses, advertising, etc. It’s crucial to understand the difference between the cost and the value. If your work is good and innovative, then people wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for it.

Consider Consignment

Look for stores and boutiques in your local area that might carry your items. You only have to pay them if they sell paintings that you give them. Consignment is the best way as you do not have to pay upfront, you get publicity and also there is no need to rent a building.

Smaller Coffee Shops

The third option to look at for having your art for sale is the local smaller coffee shops. Depending on the area you might find the coffee shop might not even charge you and could be profitable for you and the coffee shop.You could find many other places where you can display your art for sale like your front yard if you have the high level of foot traffic in front of your home. You can also put your art for sale in local area flea markets.

Art Galleries

Firstly you could consider the local area art gallenzmndmvnmnzsmdnvmnzmxnvmnzxmvmznvmzvries to see if they sell individual works. There might be some galleries who would out rightly purchase your painting, or there would be galleries who would allow you to sell your art for a small percentage. But mostly you will find galleries who dedicate only to one particular artist. Since you have your art for sale and are trying to sell, it would not hurt if you call them up and asking or even better yet stopping in with samples of your work.


Secondly, you can check on the web. Now with the web, you will have to compete with artist around the world for some money people have to spend on paintings. But it is seen that you can be very successful in selling products on the internet if you can market your art correctly and find the market that you will be able to sell in. On the web many specialty websites dedicate in the sale of art only, you can choose a traditional site from them and upload the photographs of your art for sale.